Viorel Papu – Law Firm

      Our law firm may be characterized by a maximum seriousness, a continuous and efficient communication, creativity and dynamics and optimum legal solutions. We have a social and a professional experience determined by the exigency and the mentality of the school from Cluj, determined also by the efficiency and the level of the Bucharest legal market, by learning the local, national and EU legal realities, with advanced skills in English and French, and a wide experience in IT.  

Training – Lawyer Viorel Papu, consultancy and litigation attorney:


2000 – 2004 Law School from the University “Babes-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca
2004 – 2006 MA in “Business law in the informational society” – Law School from the University “Ovidius” Constanta


2005 – 2007 Trainee lawyer in the Bucharest Bar Association, supervisor – George Papu
2007 – 2008 Lawyer, associate in the Law Firm “George Papu”
2008 – present Owner of the Law Firm “Viorel Papu”
2010 – present Of Counsel: George Papu – Law Firm

Publishing activity, points of view, debates:

  • Which are the tax authorities having legal standing after the recent legislative changes? –, September 2013.
  • The Conference Understanding and applying the New Code of Civil Procedure – Bucharest, April 2013.
  • Conference of the Civil Code and the New Code of Civil Procedure: Practice and Prospects – Constanţa, June 2012. Speaker on Novelty of the new civil codes of Romania
  • Open Letter to Mihail Stănescu-Sas, President of Court Constanţa – April 2012.
  • Knowledge, understanding and application of new fundamental codes of Romania (New Civil Code and the New Code of Civil Procedure) – Constanţa, September 2011.
  • Procedural issues and effective execution of recovery prior special car taxes – Article of the month in Tax Courier Review – no. 8–9/2011.
  • Knowledge, understanding and application of new fundamental codes of Romania – Constanţa, June 2011.
  • National Conference of new codes of Romania – Timişoara, May 2011.
  • International Conference “Business Law” – Bucharest, May 2011
  • On the necessity to amend art. 57 of the Law no. 51/1995. Solving the problem of clandestine legal practice – and during the debate concerning the amendment of the Law of the legal profession from 19.03.2009, that took place at the Parliament Palace.
  • The legal nature of the documents that are the basis of collecting the pollution fee. Consequences and conducts. The relevance of establishing the legal nature for the national judge and during the Colloquium The vehicles fee from the perspective of the EU law, organized by the Centre for European Legal Studies from the Romanian Academy, on 20.03.2009.
  • Measures equivalent to quantitative import restrictions: used vehicles. The EC Commission v. Austria (File C-524/2007). The point of view of the Romanian Government on this matter –
  • Legal means of recovering the fee for the first registration of vehicles, published in the Business Law Review, no. 7-8/2008.
  • Acquiring the quality of director in a commercial joint stock company, published in the Business Law Review, no. 8/2004.