The fees charged by our Law Firm vary, are transparent, flexible and able to adapt to the needs and financial possibilities of the clients.

Fix fee (global, flat):

      Represents the fee that is payable in a global amount for the purpose of fulfilling the object of the legal assistance contract.

Success fee:

      Represents the fee fee that is added to the fix fee (which is usually smaller than the success fee) and consists of a fix or variable amount; the success fee is paid by the client only to the extent that the object of the legal assistance contract is fulfilled.

Monthly fee (periodical):

      Consists of a fix amount which is payable by the client on each term/week/month/trimester/semester for the rendering of the legal services by the lawyer.

Hourly fee:

      It is established by applying a certain amount for each hour that the lawyer allocates to the fulfillment of the object of the contract; the hourly fee will be calculated for each minute.